From Here to the Nations: The Story of the Toronto Blessing

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“By the sixth month of the outpouring, the Toronto church had doubled from 350 to 700 people and renewal meetings has gone every night (except Monday) for 175 days. Total attendance had been 70,000 with 30,000 different attendees including 2,500 pastors. There had been 2,500 rededications to Christ, 300 accepted Christ for the first time, 3000 people ministered to weekly and hundreds of pastors had ‘taken it home’ and were now affecting hundreds of thousands in churches and cities around the world.” The outpouring of the Holy Spirit began in Toronto on January 20, 1994 where God showed up in a dramatic fashion and two decades later looking back and marveling at what the Lord has done while asking in the present day, where is the river going now? Founding Pastor, John Arnott said in the early days of the renewal that what we are experiencing in the '90s is just phase one of something even bigger and this book passionately prepares us for the greatness of the tsunami wave that is to come.

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