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Wu, Samson

切割角(中文)- Cutting Corners (Chinese)

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无论是宣讲福音还是建设教会,教会目前都面临着难以打破人类问题的困境,还没有恢复上帝创造的人,而是远离上帝所设定的立场新约中的人。许多基督徒不了解他们的使命,呼吁新约,他们对现在的冷淡情况感到满意。他们对终结时代和神国的认识是有限的,他们以宗教为心理维系,利用奉献和努力去谋取神的救恩,他们并没有真正理解神的话语,他们的精神没有充分的觉醒。 “切角”这本书是按时写的,分析神想要创造的人,王国将会更加清楚地掌握。


This book covers two important messages:

  1. Why we need to and how to restore the Christian life to be like the Son of God and to be the light and the salt in the World.
  2. Why we need to and how to build the glorious end-time church. This book carries a forerunner perspective and revelation from the Holy Spirit.

Whether it's the task of preaching the gospel or constructing the church, the church currently faces the same dilemma of having difficulty in breaking through human problems, has not restored the man God wants to create, it is still far from the position God has set for man in the New Testament. Many Christians do not understand their mission and calling in the New Testament, they are satisfied in their current lukewarm situation. Their knowledge of end times and the kingdom of God are limited, they use religion as psychological sustenance, they use devotion and efforts to try to earn God's salvation, they do not truly understand the Word of God, and their spirit is not adequately awakened. The book of Cutting Corners was written on time, to analyze the man God want to create and the kingdom He will take control of more clearly.

Have a more complete and in-depth discussion of human problems and solution at the guidance and revelation of the Holy Spirit, point out the key as to why today's gospel and the church has not had a breakthrough. If the nature of Gospel and the church are to be restored by the Chinese people to start anew, I am sure the book Cutting corners will be a beacon; because this book is not from human wisdom, but through God entrustment and revelation. it sorts out the two main themes of the Bible orderly which are the man God wants to create and the kingdom God will rule. It also points out God's will, and the effort Christians need to exert on these two major themes. May God bless every reader and let them enter into the realm God wants us to enter.

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