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The Value of a Life Prepared

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The Church is in a season of preparation.  God is bringing forth a company of people who are prepared to preach the message of the gospel, a people prepared through night-and-day prayer for the end-time revival and the second coming of Christ.

Esther is a biblical example of one who said yes to the call of God on her life and the stigma attached to that call, regardless of the consequences.  The value of the lessons she learned as she leaned into the training of God produced a standard expressed in the question "How can I go back to living the old way?  He has encountered me, how can my own will and my own agenda ever matter again?"  The body of Christ can learn much from Esther's story about the value of a life prepared for God and service in His kingdom.

Lisa Stribling and her husband, Ray, are the founders and directors of Hope City.  They carry the heart and mandate to see the transforming power of God come into the inner city through night and day prayer and love in action.  Ray and Lisa have over 20 years of experience in jail and street ministry, prayer ministry, housing for the addicted and feeding the poor.  They have the courage and the heart to stand in the gap, and see others given an opportunity to succeed as they have been given.  The Striblings have a high level of commitment to the task at hand. 

Their vision is to see houses of prayer raised up throughout the inner cities of America that serve and love their local communities and to create atmospheres of enjoyable prayer and worship available for all.  They desire to see community centers operating from the place of prayer to help struggling neighborhoods to serve the needs of the troubled youth, the addicted, the broken and the homeless.  Their goal is to see each person who receives from their ministry walking in their true identity in God, leading productive, self-managing, independent lifestyles, and playing an active role in the Body of Christ.

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