Cageless Birds: Live at Home CD + DVD

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Cageless Birds is a collective of musicians & artists led by Jonathan & Melissa Helser. “Live at Home” is our first collaborative project, and is an overflow of our rhythms of worship as a community. This album was recorded live at Jonathan & Melissa’s house. Track Listing: 1. Mt. Zion // Jonathan David Helser 2. Beautiful // Jake Stevens 3. Invitation // Molly Skaggs 4. East & West // Jonathan David Helser 5. Come Close // Melissa Helser 6. In the Morning // Chris Miller 7. Love Come to Life // Melissa Helser & Molly Skaggs 8. Lose My Ability // Jonathan David Helser 9. The Lord is My Light // Joel Case 10. Sing Winter // Jonathan David & Melissa Helser

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