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Psalms: Songs of David

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Over its fifteen-year history, Forerunner Music has released more than one hundred and fifty albums of worship, adoration, and devotional music from the ministry of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City. The Anthology series was created to take some of the best songs from those recordings and release them thematically. The second album in the Anthology series, Psalms, contains tracks from Dove-nominated artists such as Misty Edwards, Laura Hackett Park, Jaye Thomas, and Jon Thurlow along with many others from the International House of Prayer of Kansas City. Themed along the lines of Davidic psalms, this album will inspire you to worship with the same words that inspired King David.

Anthology Vol. 2: A Forerunner Music Compilation Release date: 1/13/15 

Track List:

  1. The Entry - Matt Gilman
  2. You Love Me Forever - Merchant Band
  3. Majestic - Jon Thurlow
  4. You Are My Hope - Cory Asbury
  5. Tree - Justin Rizzo
  6. When I Am Afraid - Laura Hackett Park
  7. Door Keeper - One Thing - Audra Lynn
  8. Psalm 18 - Cory Asbury
  9. My Soul Longs For You - Misty Edwards
  10. Be Exalted - Luke Wood
  11. Higher - Jaye Thomas Feat. The Cry
  12. Ascribe - Justin Rizzo/Jill Mahan
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