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Love Will Have Its Day

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Love Will Have Its Day, the second full-length album from Laura Hackett Park, finds her exploring a much broader range than ever before. With the help of multi-grammy award winning producer Brown Bannister, Laura delivers a set of songs that stir up and dig deep. At times sensitive and serene, whimsical and light, or powerful and loud, this is an album that uses a full musical palette to convey the truth in its theme: if we can walk through this life anchored in Christ, then in every situation we know that love will have the final word, and we live with hope.

Track List: 

  1. Changes Everything
  2. The Love Inside
  3. Lift Up Your Head
  4. Beautiful Heart
  5. Song of Destiny
  6. He Shall Reign
  7. King Jesus
  8. Anger
  9. I Feel His Love
  10. Got Something Going On
  11. Brilliant Light
  12. Cover Me
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