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Pawson, David

耶稣在一个圣灵中洗礼(中文)- Jesus Baptises in One Holy Spirit (Chinese)


 谁?怎么样?什么时候?为什么?在大多数情况下,教会对于耶稣在圣灵中作为洗礼者的角色一直没有保留,尽管约翰宣称这是他弥赛亚事工的主要贡献。 David Pawson通过探索旧约和新约的相关经文,描述了圣灵洗礼中的八个基本要素。 Pawson认为,基督教中的圣礼,福音派和五旬节流,都没有对这个圣经的教义作正义。特别是,如果我们要成为二十一世纪真正的使徒教会,那么纯粹和权力的双重目的,为了救恩和服务,需要恢复。

在英国几十年的牧师大卫·波森(David Pawson)在英国和海外有一个流动部门,通过基督教广播在世界各地众所周知。他是英国着名的圣经老师之一,以他的教训的真实性和清晰性而闻名。他是许多书的作者,包括解锁圣经,正常的基督教诞生和耶稣回归的时候。


Who? How? When? Why? For the most part, the Church has been silent about Jesus' role as baptiser in the Spirit, though John declared this to be the principal contribution of His Messianic ministry. Through exploration of the relevant scriptures of both Old and New Testaments, David Pawson describes eight essential elements in the baptism of the Spirit. Pawson maintains that the sacramental, evangelical, and pentecostal streams in Christianity have all failed to do justice to this biblical doctrine. In particular, its dual purpose of purity and power, for salvation and service, needs to be recovered if we are to become a truly apostolic Church in the twenty-first century.

David Pawson, a pastor for decades in the UK, has an itinerant ministry in the UK and overseas and is well-known to many around the world through Christian broadcasting. He is one of the preeminent British Bible teachers, known for the truth and clarity of His teaching. He is the author of numerous books including Unlocking the Bible, The Normal Christian Birth, and When Jesus Returns.

This is a long awaited reprint of a modern classic, first published by Hodder & Stoughton. The author provides a clear, detailed exposition on the topic of baptism in the Holy Spirit, asking how, when and why the Holy Spirit is received.

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