McDowell, Josh

超过木匠(中文)- More Than A Carpenter (Chinese)


Josh McDowell是“超越信仰”运动的国际知名演讲者,作者和冠军。他是基督校园十字军的旅行代表,在至少84个国家的超过一千万人中,包括700所大学和大学校园。

乔希创作或合着了超过90本书,其中包括经典的“A Ready Defense”,“需要判决书和解决难题的证据”

Josh McDowell is an internationally known speaker, author, and champion of the 'Beyond Belief' Campaign. He is a travelling representative of Campus Crusade for Christ speaking to more than ten million people in at least 84 countries, including 700 university and college campuses.

Josh has authored or co-authored more than 90 books, including the classic A Ready Defense, Evidence that Demands a Verdict and Answers to Tough Questions

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