Sheets, Dutch

祷告(中文)- Intercessory Prayer (Chinese)

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这本书将激励你,给你勇气祈祷不可能,帮助你找到坚持,看你的祷告完成。发现你作为一个祷告战士的角色 - 它可以意味着天堂和地狱之间的差异对于你认识的人!

If God is all-powerful, why does He need us to pray? If we pray and nothing happens, does this mean that God isn't listening?

If you've ever felt that your prayers don't count, this book will show you just how vital your prayers are. Pastor and teacher Dutch Sheets explains the nuts and bolts of prayer, with wisdom, gentleness, and humor.

This book will inspire you, give you the courage to pray for the impossible and help you find the persistence to see your prayers to completion. Discover your role as a prayer warrior— - it can mean the difference between heaven and hell for someone you know!

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