So Free!: An In-Depth Guide to Deliverance and Inner Healing

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The arena of deliverance ministry has often been characterized by extremes and abuses that cloud the legitimacy of this biblical practice. So Free! is a well-balanced, biblically based, and doctrinally sound approach to this often misunderstood and controversial subject.

With dramatic personal experience of the power of God, William Sudduth advocates not hyper-spirituality, but childlike faith. He gives the reader clear understanding of deliverance and fresh revelation of the spiritual realm. He covers the history of the deliverance movement, including both the high and low points of ministry; discusses points of entry for evil spirits; and offers practical advice on how to minister to those needing deliverance.

Also included are testimonies of those set free from different kinds of oppression. Through the remarkable biblical insights and cautions about the ministry, readers will be able to find freedom themselves and help others do the same.

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