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"Return is a small reflection of God's heart for us. It is designed to awaken love in our souls, to woo and fascinate hearts for Jesus," says Pablo Perez about his latest release. Highlights include duets with Misty Edwards in "Bridegroom, King and Judge," the beautiful voice of Laura Hackett Park in "My God is King," and Carol Hall and Nayomi Thomas. Pablo's Scripture-soaked lyrics will refresh and inspire you, and the soaring melodies will stir your heart in worship. Tracks: 1. Whom Have I 2. My God Is King 3. Return 4. Come Home 5. God of Hope 6. There Is a Man 7. Bridegroom, King and Judge 8. Fascinate My Heart 9. Beautiful 10. Take Me Away 11. Gloria Sea al Justo 12. I Will Sing Your Praise

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