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Turning Your Passion Into A Mission: Part 2 - Experiencing A Leadership Shift

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  • By: LaGuardia, Lenny
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Part 2 in the series: "Turning Your Passion Into a Mission"  

This series is designed to empower parents, leaders, and pastors whose heart is to see children walk in the supernatural power of God. Mike Bickle gives an overview of how to walk passionately as the Bride of Christ, while Lenny LaGuardia helps parents and leaders see how God can change our role as influencers in the lives of children. This series will break traditional mindsets of mobilizing volunteers and address strategies that can connect children to their destinies in Christ in the 21st century.    

Mike Bickle and Lenny LaGuardia believe there are many children being set in place by God across the earth, children who are waiting to be convinced by parents and leaders that they are part of God's plan to usher in the coming of the Lord. This four-part series is a must for anyone serious about seeing children freed from the traditional and religious mindsets that have prevented them from understanding God's Word and power.

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