Brother Lawrence

The Practice of the Presence of God


Brother Lawrence (1610-1691) was a Carmelite monk, who is today most commonly remembered for the closeness of his relationship to God as recorded in the classic Christian text, The Practice of the Presence of God the Best Rule of a Holy Life. He was born Nicholas Herman in HÈrimÈnil, near LunÈville in the region of Lorraine, located in modern day eastern France. He received a revelation of the providence and power of God at the age of 18, but it would be another six years before he joined the Discalced Carmelite Priory in Paris.

In this intervening period he fought in the Thirty Years' War and later served as a valet. He was known for his profound peace and many came to seek spiritual guidance from him. The wisdom that he passed on to them, in conversations and in letters, would later become the basis for the book, The Practice of the Presence of God the Best Rule of a Holy Life. This work was compiled after Brother Lawrence died by one of those whom he inspired, Father Joseph de Beaufort, later vicar general to the Archbishop of Paris.


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