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  • By: Pittman, Howard
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Howard O. Pittman was a Baptist minister for thirty-five years. On August 3, 1979, his main body trunk artery ruptured and at some point in the ensuing hours, he suffered physical death. His spirit was lifted from his body by his guardian angel and taken into the second heaven (Satan's dominion) where he saw many startling things. He appeared before our Lord in the third heaven where he pleaded for an extension of his physical life. It was here that God showed him what kind of life of worship and service to Jesus Christ he had really led. He was given a message to bring back to God's latter rain soldiers in this generation. Through Howard's testimony, God has begun to deliver this message through such means as the Christian Broadcasting Network, the Christian Communications Network, Trinity Broadcasting Network, numerous radio stations, church services, and public appearances. This book is referenced in Mike Bickle's series Enountering Jesus.

56 pages

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