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I Fall in Love

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This album was recorded digitally at various worship conferences and other times of worship. People have been asking for years that her spontaneous songs be recorded and we are pleased to release this first of many. Julie has been learning to sing "spontaneously" since 1983. Her pastor encouraged her to sing what was stirring in her heart, privately and then on the microphone. He knew she had a song-writing gift and hoped that the "song of the Lord" could be developed for personal and instant public expression. These spontaneous songs have blessed many people for many years and we were able to capture some of the best ones! Tracks 1. Holy Spirit, Come 2. Say Yes 3. I Never Knew 4. I Fall In Love 5. Mercy Reaches Me 6. Worthy 7. Holy Passion 8. You Will Be Free 9. Let Your Oil Flow 10. The Son Will Shine Again 11. You Satisfy


Sold Out