Clark, Richy

Boldly Close


Boldly Close is the Eighth release from radiant but shows a marked change. This album is a step up from previous albums in terms of its production value. It still keeps the raw emotion that has kept Radiant Worship a mainstay on my ipod for years.,,This album starts right with passion dripping from the first two songs Lift The Veil and You Are The Christ. To be honest it took a while to get past these two, I kept them on repeat for a while. Lift The Veil begins the album with a heart cry that takes the form of a song. It is a cry from desperate Christians who want to see their God. It is a great song that has almost a mystical feel to its intro. Rather than coming in with 16th notes and a 4 on the floor feel, it begins with an arpeggiated picking pattern and soft vocals. It explodes into the chorus, and then draws back with the verses that build you up into the rest of the song which gets huge. The song is simple in its lyrics but rich in scripture, theology and passion. This will be a great song that I would recommend for any worship leader.,You Are the Christ is a heavier song, but it is a declarative song. It is declaring the Jesus is THE CHRIST and he is the SON of the Living God. This is a song of confession song that really builds you up by reminding you He is. This is a great opener for a Sunday morning service, because its bold, but it is rich in truth.


1. Lift The Veil

2. You Are The Christ

3. Unto You

4. We Lift Our Voice

5. The Real Fire (Prayer)

6. The Highest

7. Boldly Close(free)

8. You Are Holy (Isaiah 6)

9. The Good Part

10. Jesus, I Surrender

11. We Will Not Be Moved

12. The Worthy Selah

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