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The Wheat and the Tares

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  • By: Pas Neos
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Indie electronic duo, Pas Neos, offers a fresh musical take on a wide range of biblical passages in their debut album, The Wheat and the Tares. Keyboardist Caleb Culver and guitarist/vocalist Bob Powers, with years of experience on worship teams at the International House of Prayer, creatively interweave Scripture with pulsing, engaging melodies, taking the listener on a reflective journey, both poignant and bracing.

Their preservation of the integrity of rich biblical passages is served by skill and stirring melody, as synthesizers, strings, and, at times, a chilling vocal performance, bring to life Jonah's marching orders, Joseph's dream, the nativity, the resurrection of the saints, and other significant moments in the biblical narrative. The progressively creative sound of this duo seems to extend musical bounds just a little more with each new track. The Wheat and the Tares is a compelling and thought-provoking experience of truth.

Track List:

1. Sackcloth and Ashes

2. City of the Great King

3. What I Saw

4. Nor Do I Condemn You

5. The Day That Our Lord Came Down

6. Tread Light, Tread Slow

7. Take It All Back

8. On Their Faces

9. Awake O Dust

10. Eyes of the Lord

11. Prodigal

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