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The Power of Humility: Living Like Jesus

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Written in the same style as his Jealousyóthe Sin No One Talks About, Kendall tackles the problem of pride, bringing out into the open the challenges a majority of people face in overcoming the pride and self-righteousness that were introduced to mankind by the serpent in the Garden of Eden. He defines the various kinds of pride, including social, racial, financial, sexual, and spiritual pride, and teaches us how God uses the pride in our lives to reveal our need for Christlikeness. He demonstrates that pride lies behind the ìblame game,î causing us to ìpass the buckî rather than admit our guilt and thus interfering in our ability to draw closer in relationship to God. Kendall outlines several Old Testament examples of pride. He shows how foolish pride governed most of Jacobís life, led to King Saul becoming ìyesterdayís man,î and filled Elijahís life, even though he was a great prophet of God. Then he shows how pride surfaced in New Testament people: Peterís pride in believing he loved Jesus most of all, the pride of the Pharisees, and the racial-religious pride that filled the Jews and was the reason they rejected Paul. Finally we take a closer look at Jesusóand Kendall teaches us the principles from the Sermon on the Mount that will lead us away from pride. He shows us that it is impossible to be Spirit-filled and self-righteous simultaneously, and he gives us biblical principles for overcoming pride and self-righteousness
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