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The Best of the Prayer Room Live: Volume 35

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Each album in The Best of the Prayer Room Live series is a fresh compilation of live recordings of prophetic worship from the International House of Prayer, where unceasing worship and prayer have continued 24/7 since 1999.

Every volume in this prophetic worship series includes a range of songs from the prayer room, some with a specific intercession focus, some devotional, all based on the Word of God. Many of the melodies and choruses are created spontaneously in the prayer room, as the Holy Spirit leads the singers and musicians.

Volume 35 Tracks:

  1. No Apologies - Rachel Faagutu
  2. He's Going to Turn it All Around - Misty Edwards
  3. Prayer for Israel - Anna Blanc
  4. Psalm 49 - Luke Wood
  5. Glory Will Cover the Earth - Justin Rizzo
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