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Fire Within

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  • By: Dubay, Thomas
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Mike Bickle recommends this book: "I want this book to be the manual for IHOPKC." These are writings that touch the pure, flaming heart of God–writings from men and women who walked with Him through the ages, guiding us into a deeper friendship with the Father of Lights. Jesus offers us deep wells of peace, freedom, and joy -"rivers of living water" from within. Then why do we feel wrung out by life and spiritually dry? Is there really a faith that "overcomes the world"? Teresa of Avila was caught in a cataclysm of spiritual tumult and social change, not to mention pain and threats on her life. Yet she found the way to victory over circumstances by following Jesus, who is the Way to God.

In one of the church's darkest times, Teresa (1515-1582) vowed to live for God alone. Neither illness nor threat of death could stop her, as she called men and women to walk in the peace and light of Christ. Through Teresa's inspiring life of faith, many thousands have discovered how to have a deeper, closer walk with the God she knew as His Majesty. Teresa's words can help you find what you have longed for-the wellsprings of life in Jesus, free-flowing from the courts of heaven into your thirsty soul.

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