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Caleb Andrews’ debut album,Betrothal, captures the heart of a worshiper whose eyes are fixed on Christ and the glories of His work on the Cross. This album shares the songs of a heart grateful to be saved from the wrath to come and called into eternal relationship. Caleb’s honest and personal lyrics lead the listener to join Jesus in the garden as He prays. Creatively arranged in a mix of soft rock and acoustic tracks, the instrumentation on the album is simple, yet engaging, making room for it's gripping lyrics to ring in the heart. Caleb’s smooth vocals are supported by rich guitars and memorable piano riffs, as well as pleasant harmonies from his wife, Rebekah. From beginning to end,Betrothal leads the listener to intimate worship of the Bridegroom, Jesus. Tracks: 1. Restless 2. Because You Say So 3. Made Me This Way 4. Betrothal 5. Beautiful Example 6.Prayer of the Upright 7. None Like You 8. Sing Aloud 9. All that You've done 10. Lifted me up 11. Glory to the righteous one 12. Tryin' to find love

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