From Venus to Mars and Back: What It Means to Be You

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This book clarifies gender issues and ends all doubt as to what God had in mind when He made you as He did. For individual or group study for young people and adults, From Venus to Mars and Back explores thought-provoking concepts and insights about gender and sexual identity. Its truths urge you into contemplation about who you are and why you are. Paul, in his letter to the Ephesians, refers to human sexuality as a great mystery.This book helps you to consider that mystery. It explores God's intentions for masculinity and femininity on a level that includes and transcends the material and physical universe. It reveals emotional and spiritual issues that mere rationalism cannot begin to address such as: What do the words masculinity and femininity mean emotionally and spiritually? What was God thinking about when He created sexuality? What does being created as man or woman tell us about who we are? What does our being created male and female as expressions of the very image of God tell us about God and who He is? What does our sexuality symbolize? This is a book about God and His redemptive ways of restoring His image in His fallen and bent children.

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