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Christian Lewis

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Christian Lewis' self-titled debut album combines pop and modern rock with deep soul undertones and driving rhythms. The result is an aggressive musical portrait of a heart with an intense desire to search out the depths of God. With raw vocals and melodic guitar riffs, each song evokes a gut-wrenching cry for more. Incorporating a variety of styles, from R&B and alternative rock to contemporary Christian, the album pushes the limits on modern worship. From the soulful lyrics of "I Can't Handle It" to the intercessory cry of "Here We Are," Christian Lewis will usher you into a collision with the heartbeat of God. Christian is a part of IHOP-Atlanta. Tracks: 1. Beautiful Man 2. Touch Me Again 3. Collide 4. Better 5. I Miss You 6. All I Know 7. Heartbeat 8. Here We Are 9. If It's Alright 10. Kind 11. Welcome 12. I Can't Handle It

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