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Candler, Dana

Mourning for the Bridegroom: His Return, Our Hope

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This book is a call to hopeful mourning. When we are separated for too long from someone we deeply love, we're left with a stinging ache of mourning. Mourning, then, actually becomes part of loving someone. Jesus told us that His friends would mourn when the Bridegroom was taken from them (Matthew 9:15). We are living in the time of delay between His first and second comings, and these are indeed days of aching and grieving. But we do not lament His death, for Jesus is alive. So what does it mean for us to mourn for our Bridegroom?

We are strangers in this world, on a pilgrimage until the day we see Him. We endure the groan of hunger and the more painful parts of loving Him. As we fast and pray, we refuse to accept the way things are in this evil age. Amidst the lethargy of our Western, modern, religious landscape, yearning for our Bridegroom is a witness to others that He is more than a religion. He is a Person, so majestic in beauty and kindness that our hearts are torn by love for Him. If we love Him, will we not miss Him? If we truly know Him, is it possible to be content living life without mourning for Him?

In Mourning for the Bridegroom, Dana Candler explores the suffering we endure until Jesus returns, giving both language and practical application for all believers who are living in the delay.

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