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Point of Life

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Point of Life features new songs by Misty Edwards, along with a few favorites written by friends. On this reflective album, Misty unleashes a creative edge and an experimental sound inspired by her devotion to the Lord. From ethereal vocals to deeply personal lyrics, Point of Life combines the power of music with the art of storytelling.Tthe Chapman Stick, played by Dave Wiens, brings a unique energy to several tracks, while other songs are quiet devotionals born in the secret place. Allow this music to lead you into a deeper devotion to Jesus through the wonder of loving and living to worship.

Track List:

  1. Beautiful Heart
  2. Point of Life
  3. My Soul Cries
  4. i24
  5. Psalm 150
  6. Eyes for Only You
  7. Silence
  8. Put Your Heart in Me
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