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Warring for Life DVD Set

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  • By: Bennett, Kirk
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A 2 DVD set, Kirk discusses the reality of abortion and calls us to radical repentance and confession of hidden sins.

DVD ONE "A Voice for the Voiceless" - In this DVD, the condition of our hearts as being asleep and in deceit to the reality of abortion. There is an invitation to awaken like the voice in the parable of the ten virgins that cried out to those who were asleep at midnight. The hour of awakening has come.

DVD TWO "Rending Your Heart" - In this DVD, the church is called to a radical repentance and confession of hidden sin. As we break the secret codes of silence, we liberate the next generation from shame while releasing them into whole-hearted righteous lifestyles of prayer and devotion. A justice and righteousness movement is beginning to sweep the land. Are you in?

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