Bickle, Mike

The Book of Revelation


This twelve-part series by Mike Bickle is an in-depth exploration of the person of Jesus and the events surrounding the second coming as revealed in the book of Revelation.

The major conflict at the end of the age will center around defining the truth of who Jesus is. The Father commissioned Jesus to reveal His majesty, personality, and power as the Bridegroom King who judges all that hinders love.

Through the book of Revelation, God unveils His action plan for preparing the Church to participate with Jesus in releasing His glory throughout all the nations. This ""end-time book of Acts"" was given to us so that we may walk unified, never wavering in our faith, as the judgments of the Lord are poured out on the earth.

12 part series from 2008.  Newer series called 'Studies in the Book of Revelation' from 2014 is also available. 


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