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Let the Weak Speak

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  • By: Merchant Band
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A desire for meekness and a longing to touch the heart of God drives Merchant Band's third album, "Let the Weak Speak." Indie rock and techno beats meld with a spirit of transforming worship in this new album to set it apart. More than a worship CD, "Let the Weak Speak" is edgy and modern, but is also infused with pure truth about Christ. The depth of lyrics and anointing of worship that Merchant Band displays is a result of their commitment to serving Christ through a lifestyle of prayer and fasting at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.

This rock-driven album is full of creative sounds along with experimental arrangements. Each song carries its own feel and expression, from the raw pounding of an acoustic piano to the haunting melodies of an electric guitar. The Spirit of God breathes on the vulnerable lyrics as Marcus and Tim cry out through anthems of love for Christ to return, creating a theme of desperation for God. "Let the Weak Speak" combines atmospheric worship with rich revelation found in the Word, speaking about who we are as believers and the grace we receive when we commune with the glory of God. The album invites listeners to know God and get lost in Him through abandoned praise. Marcus and Tim sing with an openness and vulnerability that invites us in our weakness to connect with the strength of Jesus--for it is only when we acknowledge our weakness that He will make us strong.

Track List:

1. My Glory

2. Our God Reigns

3. Standing in the Gap

4. Grace and Glory

5. You've Won My Heart

6. Reprise

7. Tower

8. Lost In You

9. My Reward

10. All In All

11. Under Your Smile

12. I'm So In Love

13. More Than Ashes

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