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Worton, Roland

Emerging Worship: Becoming a Part of the Sound and Song of Heaven


Emerging Worship is a call for a new breed of worshiper, one who hears the sounds of heaven and brings it to earth. If your hearts leaps at these words, this book is for you! Each generation produces those whose primary purpose is to transfer the songs and sounds of heaven to earth.

Emerging Worship shows you how to:

  • Become the sound and song of heaven.
  • Engage heaven to transform earth.
  • Join worship with intercession.
  • Release new levels of corporate worship.
  • Engage the Key of David in worship to unlock cities and regions.
  • Recognize and activate an emerging generation.
  • Father and be fathered.

Author Roland Worton invites every member of the Body of Christ to permeate your community, city, and nation with the sounds and songs of heaven.

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