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Passion for Jesus (Thai)

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  • By: Bickle, Mike
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In this Thai translation of Passion for Jesus, Mike Bickle writes that regardless of your previous failures, and irrespective of your natural temperaments or personality, God passionately loves you. In order to experience long-term renewal and freedom, we must understand more about how God feels about us and become fascinated with beauty and His love for us. Like King David, we will discover the same truths about God's heart and find ourselves living the way David lived, fulfilling the call of God on our generation. This is a book about the powerful, connection between knowing the truth about how God feels about you as the way to experience passion for Him. When the Holy Spirit wants to awaken love in you for Jesus, He reveals Jesus' affection to you. Mike describes how we can walk confidently in God's love for us even in the midst of our weaknesses. As we encounter the passion of God's personality, passion for Jesus is awakened in us.

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