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Bickle, Mike

歌曲歌曲,第2部分(笔记,中文)- The Song of Songs, Part 2 (Notes, Chinese)



歌曲之歌是Mike Bickle最受欢迎的教学系列;二十多年来,他虔诚地研究和研究了这首神圣的爱情歌曲的每一行。在2007年冬天,Mike教授了这个完全修订和更新的课程。包装新材料和新鲜洞察力,这是迄今为止最全面和最强大的演示。这个系列的启示将有助于你了解你的旅程;你的心将有权在生命的所有季节相信耶和华。


Are you longing to know God? Can you trust His hand in your life? Do you want to understand how He sees you, how He feels about you? Nothing empowers the human heart like the revelation of God's affection for us. Though this love is seen throughout the Bible, the Song of Songs unveils this divine romance unlike any other book. Song of Songs is an eight-chapter love song revealing the passionate desire of God for His Bride.

The Song of Songs is Mike Bickle's most popular teaching series; for over twenty years he has prayerfully studied and researched each line of this divine love song. During the winter of 2007 Mike taught this completely revised and updated course. Packed with new material and fresh insight, this is his most comprehensive and powerful presentation to date. The revelation in this series will help make sense of the journey you are on; your heart will be empowered to trust the Lord in all seasons of life.

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