How We Love You

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Ben Woodward's first CD, since moving to IHOP-KC, is a collection of love songs and acoustic gems that capture the essence of a classic Davidic heart. Recorded mostly live in the studio, it is a simple devotional CD designed to usher the listener's heart before the throne of God. With eight brand new songs and a couple of spontaneous sections, How We Love You will remind you of the simple message that is the love of God. ""I have listened to this album in my home, and have truly felt the atmosphere change as the Holy Spirit enters. The spontaneous tracks on this album have been a blessing in this house, and will continue to be so for a long time. This is excellent for devotional purposes, to listen to in the car, or to play in the office. Wherever it is played, hearts will surely soar!"" - Kris Edler ,Tracks ,1. Spontaneous Worship 1 ,2. Make Me Yours ,3. Satisfy My Heart ,4. Oh, How We Love You ,5. Spontaneous Worship 2 ,6. My Beloved/You Are Beautiful ,7. Jesus Loves Me ,8. Consume Me ,9. Spontaneous Worship 3 ,10. I Am Beautiful to You
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