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Deep inside your heart, something tells you that there ought to be more to your life than you're currently experiencing. You have these thoughts because God has created you for greatness. He has determined that you should walk in a level of power and authority that is beyond any dream you have had. The yearning you have for a significant destiny is the wooing of God's Spirit; He wants you to pursue Him and discover the life He desires for you. This book is about power and authority on earth as it is in heaven. You may wonder, ""What in the world does that have to do with me?"" It has everything to do with you#&151you have a powerful destiny available to you, a future waiting for you of unimaginable proportions. It is an eternal future that will be experienced here on this earth. and it is within your grasp. God wants you to reach your power potential, to exercise His authority on earth as it is in heaven, and to learn how to live that way now, in this life. It's a grand theme, an epic story involving a journey with many dangers and pitfalls, and your are one of the main characters.

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