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EP: Justin Rizzo/Luke Wood

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  • By: Rizzo, Justin & Wood, Luke
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Justin Rizzo and Luke Wood are two of IHOPKC's most loved worship leaders. They are respected not because of their presence on the platform or their ability to lead a team, but because of their devotion to the place of prayer, desire to know God, and passion to be men of the Word. These are trademarks of the songs they have recorded for this EP.

"Found Faithful" clearly expresses Justin's heart to be faithful for all of his days, as well as the importance of building a foundation of prayer and fasting that will endure throughout this life. Expressed with dynamic musical intensity, this revelation of who God is and who we are in light of what He has done for the sake of love will invigorate your heart again and again.

Luke Wood is a man in love with Jesus. The sweet simplicity of his devotion is evident in the songs he writes. Each of Luke's tracks flow organically; the guitars, percussion and lyrics are clean and clear as Luke expresses his heart. The raw lyrics of "Outside," in particular, challenge listeners to die to themselves and partner with Jesus.

Track List:

  • MP3 Download - All Tracks - $5.99
  • MP3 Download - Track 1 - Gift of God - $1.29
  • MP3 Download - Track 2 - Glory Covers the Earth - $1.29
  • MP3 Download - Track 3 - Found Faithful - $1.29
  • MP3 Download - Track 4 - Outside - $1.29
  • MP3 Download - Track 5 - There is a Friend - $1.29
  • MP3 Download - Track 6 - Heart After You - $1.29
  • CD - $7.99

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