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The World Can Wait

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IHOPKC worship leaders Marcus Meier and Tim Reimherr wrote these songs from the place of prayer to inspire us to seek and enter into an intimate knowledge of the merciful heart of God. Their extravagant love for God and contagious desire to live abandoned to Jesus shine through each of the songs, which include "Sacrifice of Praise," "Wonderful Savior" and "Come As Close."


  1. Come and Let Your Presence
  2. You Love Me Forever
  3. Thank You
  4. I'm In Love
  5. Wonderful Savior
  6. Sacrifice of Praise
  7. You Are So Good
  8. Come As Close As You Want
  9. You Are So Good 
  10. More Than a Dream 
  11. I Found Your Love
  12. Wake Me Up
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