Gospel of John DVD




This is actual Bible scripture. Not an interpretation it is actual Bible verses, Word for Word.

Experience the Gospel of John with this powerful film taken word for word from the text of the Good News Bible, translation of the Bible. The Gospel of John is called the best loved book of all time.

The Gospel of John comes to life in this powerful dramatization of the actual Bible, Word for Word. The Gospel of John-Visual Bible is excellent for Home School and Christian School Curriculum.

The Gospel of John is an epic in the spirit of THE PASSION OF CHRIST that meticulously recreates the turbulent era of Jesus and the events that changed the course of history! Narrated by Christopher Plummer, it's the bold and powerful story of Jesus as told by His disciple John.

The best-loved but least understood of the Gospels, John presents a uniquely human portrait of courage and passion encompassing Jesus' entire three-year ministry, the final years of his life. Intimate and reflective, The Gospel of John offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the incomparable life and times of Jesus Christ. You will experience the events that changed the world.

A great DVD to use in Home School, Sunday School, Youth groups, evangelism, Starring Christopher Plummer, Henry Ian Cusick and a cast of over 2500.

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