Beautiful One

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Have you ever imagined hearing IHOPKC's popular classics "I Come Before You," "Glory To God In The Highest," "As A Seal Upon My Heart," and "Dance With Me" in a language other than English? Young Park, a worship leader at IHOPKC, a team of musicians and singers from IHOPKC, and Ruth Fazal on violin present eleven songs of intimate worship sung both in English and Korean. The cry of our hearts to behold and know Jesus, the Beautiful One, more intimately, is the theme of this CD. The song selection, the music arrangement and the unique combination of worshipping in Korean and English will give you an extraordinary worship experience. Featured singers include Paula Bowers, Sara Motlong, Nayomi Greaves, and Young-Joo Park. Tracks: 1. Worship 2. Glory to God in the Highest 3. When Your Glory Fills the Earth 4. Beautiful One 5. I Come Before You 6. Mystery of Your Love 7. One Thing 8. My Love, Jesus 9. As a Seal Upon My Heart 10. Psalm 103 11. Dance With Me 12. Dance With Me

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