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Deep Unto Deep

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  • By: IHOPKC Artists
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Deep Unto Deep gathers together many of the skilled worship leaders and devotional instrumentalists from IHOPKC. The result is a strikingly beautiful contemplative companion to the devotional favorite Deep unto Deep by Dana Candler. Each track is inspired by a chapter in the book.

The enhanced CD includes a teaching by Dana and a new 12-page chapter-by-chapter study guide for the book (not included in MP3 Download; only on physical CD)

Track List:

  1. Deep Unto Deep Theme
  2. The Nobility Of Barren Prayer
  3. He Is A Bridegroom
  4. Awakened To Love
  5. Face To Face
  6. Personal Receiving
  7. Dark Yet Lovely
  8. Longing
  9. Communion With The Beloved
  10. Believing In The Unseen
  11. Prisoners Of Hope
  12. Seasons Of Relevance
  13. Consumed With Love's Fire

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