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Parenting In the Discipline and Instruction of the Lord

  • By: Sliker, David
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Our young people - our own, our city's, our nature's - are in the midst of a moral, spiritual, and familial crisis that has no precedent in human history.  We need biblical wisdom and spiritual breakthrough in the power of the Holy Spirit in order to effectively serve our own children and the young people that the Lord has placed in our care.

Spiritual communities that express healthy family dynamics are a powerful weapon in the hands of the Lord to mark a generation for His purposes.  God has an answer for the emerging crisis of lawlessness and love of self - young people who pray, love the Word of God, and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, even as deep darkness covers the earth.

In this teaching series by David Sliker, you will discover leadership keys in parenting that are rooted in the gospel and the grace of God and powerfully answer some of the greatest emotional and spiritual needs in our children.


2-Part series by David Sliker

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