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The Glorious Hope of the Resurrection

  • By: Hood, Allen
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Three words marked a significant change in human history and confirmed God’s triumph over sin and death: “He is risen.” Two thousand years later, the significance and glorious implications of these words are the same as when they were first spoken.

The resurrection is not just one truth among many in the Christian faith; it is the belief on which the veracity of our faith hinges. In fact, no other religion has a founder who based the truthfulness of his claims as well as his ethics upon an empty tomb and a resurrected physical body. Christianity stands or falls based on whether or not Jesus came out of the grave on Easter Sunday two thousand years ago.

The resurrection, both Jesus’ and our own, is so integral to our faith that the writer of Hebrews refers to the resurrection of the dead as an elementary principle (Heb. 6:1). Yet, this fundamental aspect of Christianity is rarely fleshed out from the pulpit, especially related to our own future resurrection. This two-part series not only displays the glorious truths and overwhelming evidence of Jesus’ resurrection, but it also expounds on aspects of resurrection that are rarely mentioned—the great hope of every believer, when our physical bodies will be raised from the dead; the nature of our resurrected bodies; and the events surrounding our resurrection.


2-Part series by Allen Hood

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