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Dating and Preparation for Marriage

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  • By: Bickle, Mike
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What should my boundaries be in dating? How can I best prepare for a successful and happy marriage? What are the keys to avoiding disillusionment in marriage? How do I know if we are 'right' for each other? As more and more families and marriages are breaking down, many young people are fearful of relationships and want to know what the Bible says about dating and marriage.

Mike and Diane join Allen and Rachel in an honest and open discussion of godly principles and practical advice for dating, engagement, and marriage. Sharing from the Word of God and their own personal stories, these two couples offer hope and encouragement to anyone desiring to be married, giving guidance on how to lay a strong foundation for a godly and happy marriage and family.

Message from 2014 by Mike & Diane Bickle and Allen & Rachel Hood

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