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Praying for Israel: Why and How

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  • By: Hall, Wes
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In this series, Wes Hall seeks to provide a solid biblical foundation for understanding God's plan for Israel past, present, and future.  He offers practical advice on what it means to stand with Israel in the midst of coming times of great trouble, and how we, as believers, are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the salvation of the Jewish people. 

This series also touches on the thorny issue of Israel's land, seeking to discover what the Bible has to say about the land which was promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but which has been at the heart of a centuries-long conflict in the Middle East.

5-part series by Wes Hall.

  1. Why Do We Stand with Israel?
  2. How Do We Stand with Israel?
  3. Who's Promised Land?
  4. Israel's End Time Crisis and God's Great Salvation
  5. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

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