Sing Your Praises (Live)


Onething 2013 was an exceptional year for us. Established Onething artists Laura Hackett Park, Matt Gilman, Justin Rizzo, Jon Thurlow, Anna Blanc, Ryan Kondo, and Jaye Thomas all feature on this album with new original songs. We are pleased to introduce Zac Dinsmore, Jonas Park, and Wallace and Rachel Faagutu as new Onething artists who join them in worshipping and praising Jesus with their own songs. Laura Hackett Park also covers Matt Redman’s “Holy” and Misty Edwards sings Kevin Prosch’s “The Gift.” We hope that the music on this album allows you to relive some of what we thought were the best worship moments from Onething 2013. Track Listing 1. Sing Your Praises – Matt Gilman 2. I Am Yours (First Love) – Jonas Park 3. Glory Be to the Righteous One – Zac Dinsmore 4. For I Was Far – Anna Blanc 5. From the Ends of the Earth – Ryan Kondo 6. Survival Plan – Wallace & Rachel Faagutu 7. The Love Inside – Laura Hackett Park 8. Let Me See Your Face – Jon Thurlow 9. Holy – Laura Hackett Park 10. Worth it All – Justin Rizzo 11. We Make Room – Jaye Thomas feat. The Cry 12. The Gift – Misty Edwards

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