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Finishing History Well: Preparing the Leadership of Jesus

  • By: Hughes, Paul
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We live in a fragile world. Massive economic, spiritual, and political changes seem inevitable. Realistic prospects for a sustainable peace in the Middle East are more elusive than ever. How should we view the times in which we live? Will our generation witness the return of Jesus Christ to establish His leadership on the earth? The Finishing Well Series tackles serious subjects in an easy to read style for anyone desiring to live with understanding and purpose in these perplexing and challenging times.

Finishing Life Well - Following the Leadership of Jesus - is about developing a personal and communal lifestyle based on the Sermon on the Mount values of Jesus' Kingdom. The Bible is not merely an ancient book of ideas; it is God's storyline for every generation. Finishing History Well - Preparing for the Leadership of Jesus gives an overview of major biblical End Time views and their implications. Paul Hughes also touches on how other religions, the arts, and philosophies imagine how human history will end.

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