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God's Heart and Purpose for Jerusalem

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  • By: Bickle, Mike
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In this five-part exposition of Isaiah 60–66, Mike Bickle teaches about Jerusalem's role in God's end-time purposes. Isaiah prophesied more about this theme than any other prophet; Isaiah 60–66 captures his main ideas. Jerusalem is the most unique city in history. In the age to come, Jesus will reign from Jerusalem, making it the spiritual, political, financial, and educational center for the whole earth.

In this series, Mike emphasizes, from Scripture, that God has called us to love and focus on Jerusalem, because of Jesus' unprecedented affection for this city. The Lord has promised to prosper all who love Jerusalem (Ps. 122:6).

5-Part series:

01 - Jerusalem: Her Glory, Significance, and Struggle

02 - Jerusalem: God’s Manifest Glory Resting on a City (Isa. 60)

03 - Jesus' Zeal and Commitments to Jerusalem (Isa. 61-62)

04 - Jesus, the Warrior King, and Israel’s Continual Lament (Isa. 63-64)

05 - Jerusalem: The Capital City of the New Earth (Isa. 65-66)

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