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Jeanne Guyon: An Autobiography

  • By: Guyon, Jeanne
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You are about to read one of the most remarkable and best known autobiographies in all of western history. Jeanne Guyon is Christianity's best known and most influential woman in church history. Her autobiography has moved the hearts of believers for three centuries. Even today, in France, she is one of the greatest figures of French history. Guyon is also one of the most prolific writers of all time. Besides her books, she wrote an entire commentary on the Bible. Guyon's influence reached to the court of Louis XIV. Jealousy insued and she was imprisoned in the infamous Bastille. Today Guyon is revered by both Protestants and Catholics as one of the greatest sources of help in a deeper walk with God. Perhaps John Wesley summed it up best: Guyon is the greatest Christian to rise since the first century.

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