Longing For Eden: Embracing God's Vision in Your Marriage

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  • By: Rizzo, Mike & Anne
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  • SKU: 9781477643952


Longing for Eden: Embracing God's Vision in Your Marriage is an inspirational book that will challenge couples and inspire singles to more clearly see God's intent for marriage. The authors write from thirty years of pastoral experience, much of which has been in the realm of marital and pre-marital counseling. Their passion is to see husbands and wives dwell together as "married disciples." "Being a Christian married to a Christian will not automatically mean that your marriage will be a God-centered one." It is imperative that we be intentional in pursuing the gold that God is developing from our one flesh marriage union. A key component in this process is to see beyond the rewards and blessings of this life, into the age to come. "Every marriage must choose its world. A marriage invested in the age to come will reap the greatest return in this age." Longing for Eden is a call to come up higher. We don't just want to view the Promised Land of marriage blessing; we want to enter in.


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