Bickle, Mike

在预言中成长:实际的,圣经的梦想,愿景和精神礼物的指南(中文)- Growing in the Prophetic: A practical, biblical guide to dreams, visions, and spiritual gifts (Chinese)

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这本书为在个人的生活和当地教会家庭的背景下预言的运作提供了可靠的指导。这本书将为今天的教会提供实际帮助,他们正在努力寻找在会众中预言礼物的适当位置。在这部影片中,迈克·比克尔(Mike Bickle)谈到他的着作“预言中的成长”。

In this updated version, Mike adds new stories and principles gleaned from his many years of experience with the prophetic ministry. He combines thorough biblical balance with many personal experiences to equip believers to prophesy and to relate in a right way to others who prophesy.

This book offers proven guidelines for the operation of prophecy in the lives of individuals and in the context of a local church family. This book will provide practical help for churches today who are struggling to find the proper place for the prophetic gifting in their congregations. In this video, Mike Bickle talks about his book Growing in the Prophetic.


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