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Prayers to Strengthen Your Inner Man (Chinese) - 提升你靈命的禱命

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  • By: Bickle, Mike
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In this book, Mike Bickle teaches on the biblical necessity of praying for your own heart to be strengthened and enlightened by the Holy Spirit's power.

Using examples from his personal prayer list, Mike offers practical language to use in prayer, such as the descriptions and names of Jesus in the book of Revelation; he also shares the benefits of praying the prayers of the Bible, a practice which has provided focus and depth in his own prayer life. Creating a prayer list, along with other practical tools explained here, provides an opportunity for your inner man to come alive through the Holy Spirit's anointing.

Using three acronyms, FELLOWSHIP, TRUST, and ARK, this book will help you fellowship with the Holy Spirit, aid you in sustaining your prayer life, strengthen you to walk in the light, and guide you into powerful agreement with God as you seek to grow in the fullness of grace.

This is the chinese version

在这本书中,迈克比克尔教导圣经的必要性,祈祷你的心灵被圣灵的能力所强化和启发。 利用他个人的祷告清单中的例子,迈克提供了用于祷告的实用语言,例如启示录中耶稣的描述和名字;他也分享了祈祷圣经祷告的好处,这种做法在他自己的祷告生活中提供了重点和深度。创建一个祷告清单,以及这里解释的其他实用工具,为你内心的人提供了一个通过圣灵的恩膏活跃起来的机会。 使用三个首字母缩略词,FELLOWSHIP,TRUST和ARK,这本书将帮助你与圣灵相交,帮助你维持你的祷告生活,加强你在光明中行走,引导你与上帝有力地同意你所寻求的在恩典的丰满中成长。

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