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Magnificent Obsession (Live)

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For 25,000 young adults across the globe, downtown Kansas City has become an annual destination for encountering Jesus. Each December, IHOPKC hosts Onething, an intimate and energetic time of worship, prayer, teaching, and ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. Featuring eleven worship leaders, Magnificent Obsession (Live) captures this atmosphere of devotion to Jesus and highlights some of the most memorable moments of worship from Onething 2011.


  1. Worthy of It All (David Brymer)
  2. All Is for Your Glory (Cory Asbury)
  3. Wounded One (Davy Flowers)
  4. Storm All around You (Jon Thurlow)
  5. Be Exalted (Luke Wood)
  6. Measure of a Man (Misty Edwards & David Brymer)
  7. All Men Are Broken (Misty Edwards)
  8. It's My Joy to Love (Sarah Edwards)
  9. New Jerusalem (Matt Gilman)
  10. There Is One Found Worthy (Justin Rizzo)
  11. Eyes to See (Zachary Simms)
  12. There Is Only One, feat. Misty Edwards (Brandon Hampton)
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